by unfinishedthinking

I’m hearing so many wonderful things from so many wonderful people.  I just don’t want to oversell my predicament.  I am by no means at death’s door.  Really.  Doctors think they’ll be seeing me for at least another couple of years. 

And if they’re wrong, I’m firing their asses.

The last few months have been particularly irritating and frustrating because a ridiculous number of symptoms are taking turns with my sad old body.  So I can’t concentrate on work, tv, books, or my beloved magazines and newspapers.  So I’ve probably felt a little sorry for myself at times recently.  But that’s never a permanent state for me (with my vanishing memory and limited attention spans, I can’t have “permanent states,” period) 

But that doesn’t mean I’m being dragged through constant battles.  I’m still appreciating and loving my life.  I just can’t wait to get back in the game again.  (Game=family, life, work, pursuit of happiness.) 

I’ll be there soon.