by unfinishedthinking

Ginny’s encouraged me to post this thank you note to two wonderful friends who sent me soups.

—–Original Message—–
From: Mike Hughes <mike.hughes@martinagency.com>
To: kitzbug <kitzbug@aol.com>; Elissa Goldman <Elissa.Goldman@martinagency.com>
Sent: Sat, Jan 12, 2013 12:59 am
Subject: To my Jewish Mothers.

Eileen, meet Elissa, who runs our NY office and is my official NYC Jewish Mother.  Elissa, meet Dr. Kitces, my official Richmond Jewish Mother.

It’s often pointed out that Jewish Mothers invented guilt and Catholic Mothers perfected it.  (It’s also pointed out that for the past 75 years, only Jewish and Catholic Mothers have been able to produce Supreme Court Justices.  Not sure what that’s about.)

Since I now have one Catholic Mother and two Jewish ones, I feel qualified to make the following observations:

Catholic Mothers are Jewish Mothers with more kids.  

Jewish Mothers know their tribes will survive because they’ll persevere.  Catholic Mothers know their tribes will survive because they’ll procreate.

Jewish Mothers believe their kids are smarter than the Catholic kids.  Catholic Mothers believe Jewish kids are smarter than Catholic kids.  

Jewish Mothers are always immaculately put together.  Around age 55, Catholic mothers give up.

Jewish Mothers want their kids to be doctors and lawyers.  Catholic mothers want their kids to have good Jewish doctors and lawyers.

Jewish Mothers send wonderful soups and foods when their sons are sick.  Catholic Mothers heat up something frozen, then overcook it.

Thank you both for so much wonderful, delicious stuff.  


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