I’m supposed to die tomorrow. Hope not.

by unfinishedthinking

Two weeks ago, the doctors gave me two weeks to live.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be proven wrong.  In fact, I’m actually making plans now for next week.  !!! A friend now in Ethiopia is planning to get here the end of next week. I told him to get here as soon as possible because I might have a funeral I have to attend at the end of the week. (Some people love that kind humor. Others, not so much.)

I’ve had some great doctors along the way, but the best is Ginny.  She’s proof that you don’t need a degree; you need stamina and common sense and a relentless sense of purpose.  When another doctor recommended something she didn’t agree with, she demanded a second opinion.  I gave up on keeping my meds straight years ago; she’s been diligent in minimizing how often I screwed up.  She has never, ever given up on me.  I confess–there were times in recent weeks when I was ready to throw in the towel.  (Not now. Not by a long shot.)

Jason, Carley and Patti have been excellent nurses. Ginny’s lead the team. 

My advice to all of you:  if you ever find a doctor as good as Ginny, marry her.



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