by unfinishedthinking

Today was her day in the oncologist’s chair.

She has Stage II Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is generally treatable and curable.  She’ll have to go in for more tests (probably next week) to see if it’s in her bone marrow.  There are a couple of treatment options involving radiation and chemotherapy.  She’ll probably start with a new trial program in a couple of weeks.  There are very few side effects from the trial regimen.  If that doesn’t appear to be working, we’ll probably switch to a more traditional chemo/radiation program.

The thing that worries me most is that she doesn’t have a Dr. Ginny to take care of her.  But we’re both knocked out so far with Dr. Jason.  And the rest of the in-house medical staff is coming on board.

My daughter-in-law Carley is a white knuckle flier.  She was nervous getting on the plane coming to Richmond because they said it might be a bumpy ride.  But then she thought, nothing else bad could possibly happen to this family–so she relaxed, had a drink–and had a fine flight.  

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