by unfinishedthinking

Today was day one of our four-guys weekend:  it did wonders for me.  It gave me more energy than I’ve felt for months.  They even wheelchaired me out for lunch–the first time I’ve left the apartment since a doctor’s appointment twelve days ago. 

We picked up immediately where we’d left off eighteen months ago at our last fathers-and-sons getaway.  We put questions in a hat (literally–a Walmart baseball cap.)  The questions ranged from politics to “what would you do if….?” to personal things about our lives.  It was amazing to me how quickly four grown men let down their guards and became so emotionally open.  (You’d almost think we were women.)

Engaging with these three intelligent, funny friends was the best medicine I’ve had in weeks.  And to make it even better, Ginny and Ella came back from their adventures in time to join us for dinner.  I’m more convinced than ever that I have the best wife, the best son, the best son’s family, and the best friends on the planet. 

I can’t wait for day two.  I feel alive.




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