Ginny. An update.

by unfinishedthinking

We learned yesterday that Ginny’s lymphoma has not spread to her bone marrow.  Whew.  She needs another scan (there’s always another scan), but then she’ll be able to start her chemo trial program.  It’s a 48-week program, but the side effects usually aren’t too bad.  If the trial program isn’t effective–there will, of course, be more scans during the 48 weeks–she’ll switch to more conventional treatment.  We’re very optimistic about all of that.

I worry much more about her than I do about me.  She’s much healthier than I am, but it still feels funny that she waits on me.  I can’t believe I’m the cancer patient giving the other cancer patient orders.  She pushes herself too hard. 

Which reminds me.  My cousins are sending me word that I don’t mention my heroic sister Patti enough in these blogs.  Patti’s been cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning up.  We have no idea what we’d do without her. 

It’s another reminder of how lucky we are.

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