Stupid thinking.

by unfinishedthinking

We’ve decided we’re giving my body to science.

Science was never my best subject, but apparently you can’t give your body to English.

I don’t know what it is about the notion of giving my body to science, but I can’t think about it without immediately getting silly.  I told friends yesterday that my only reservation about it is that one day drunken medical students would be making fun of my remains, laughing while pointing out my inadequacies and performing all kinds of Weekend at Bernie’s shenanigans.  I wondered if instead of sending my body to a funeral home, they’d send it straight to a laboratory.  Cue the sadly predictable Frankenstein jokes.

Why is this so funny to me?   I’ve survived a long time with a serious, rare cancer; maybe researchers can find something in me that contributes in some small way to helping others survive. 

Still the idea strikes me as funny.  And I have no idea why I’m posting this.

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