by unfinishedthinking

Fergus O’Carroll says:

Might I ask one question, Mike? For you, is there more anxiety now around what you’ll eventually leave behind… or where you’ll eventually go once you leave?

 I’m not sure how literally to read your question.  I get a little uneasy thinking about legacies.  George Washington had a legacy.  Martin Luther King had a legacy.  I’m just an advertising guy.  As John Adams and I have been turning the reins over to our successors, we’ve spent some time thinking about who those people should be and what they should inherit.  When John and I inherited the company, one of our main and much-discussed goals was to one day leave the agency in better shape than it was then.  We have succeeded.   We also wanted to leave talented, inspiring leaders in charge.  We’re succeeding there, too–in spades. 
As far goals for my personal life, I feel great about the plans Ginny and the rest of the family are making.  I’m only sorry i won’t be with them.
I don’t feel much anxiety about any of this.  I do wish I could get up enough energy to do something more than just  reading, watching tv and occasionally writing.  But I love all those things and I love my brief visits with friends.  
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