Thank you.

by unfinishedthinking

I was given a standing ovation at the TEDx event in Richmond last week.  Wow.  I wasn’t even there.   Andy Stefanovich said such wonderful things about me that even I would have given myself much applause.  The next morning’s Richmond newspaper called me a “creative icon.”  Wow again. 

 And I can’t describe how moved I was Wednesday at my reception when I made a five-minute appearance at the agency staff meeting.  I love those people.

I’m feeling a little funny now about the gloomy item I posted here last week.  Despite how that item sounds, I’m very grateful for the attention I get–and I’m very grateful for all the extra days that have been added to my life. 

I’m not sure I’ve adequately expressed the gratitude I feel. I haven’t sent thank you responses to the people sending me wonderful emails, letters, notes, comments or blog entries.  (I read the other day in The New York Times that younger people don’t want thank you emails or texts jamming up their electronic inboxes.  Older people feel differently about that. I guess when I get a thank you note now it means the sender thinks I’m old.)

The real reason I didn’t start sending responses when I started this blog?  I was afraid I’d fall behind and then have old-fashioned Catholic family guilt telling me I had to catch up before I died.  In my last moments, while my beloved gathered around me in tears, I’d be trying to respond to just a few more notes on Outlook.   The white light I’d move into at the end would be the light from my Mac.  I can clearly see how ignorant that sounds.  But guilt is often ignorant.

I feel guilty sometimes that I almost never send handwritten notes to anyone.  Never have.  I’m just way too embarrassed by how juvenile and unintelligible my handwriting is. 

Let me just say it one more time.  Thank you.

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