I’m Mike Hughes.  I’m a very rare cancer survivor.  I have had lung cancer since at least 1995.  I’ve been in stage IV since at least 2005.  Since I’m president of a company, I don’t want rumors to go around about me that might be unsettling to our staff or our clients; so I’ve been completely open about my prognosis, condition etc.

I’m in advertising, but anything I write here is not coming from the management of the agency.  It’s strictly personal.

Please don’t worry about me.  Nobody enjoys family, work and life more than I do.  I know how lucky I am to be living in the bonus rounds.


Why it’s called “unfinished thinking”

A lot of people have suggested I start a blog.  I think it’s mainly so they don’t have to get so many long, random emails from me.  I actually opened this site about in the spring of 2010..   Just didn’t get around to posting anything until 12/12/12.

For the time being, I’ll use it to keep interested friends up to date on my always changing medical status.  (In brief:  Lifelong nonsmoker. Lung cancer since at least 1995.  Stage IV since 2005.  Surgery, multiple radiation treatments, multiple chemo treatments.  Currently in home hospice care. Good news:  my tumors continue to grow very slowly.  I plan to be around for a while.)

I publish other writings on a companion site. It’s unfinishedii.com

Sometimes I write in an effort to figure out what I believe about a topic.  I’ll get halfway through that thinking, a shiny object will catch my eye and I’m off on some other tangent.  Often I’ll go back to something I wrote a month earlier and realize it doesn’t really reflect what I think.  So if I wait until both my writing and my thinking are finished, I’ll never post anything.  I’m giving myself permission to post the unfinished.

At least, that’s how I’m thinking about it right now.  That could, of course, change.